Carol Harmer interviewed on TV with The Forex Day.

Forex Day ® is the largest event in the world in Castilian Forex Market . With 27 speakers , 2 simultaneous room and 7 international conferences are held every year in June in Madrid.
It is also the largest international event of trading that takes place in Spain.

London Investor Show FOREX - Interview with Carol Harmer. Founder, Charmer Charts

(28 Feb 2013) Carol Harmer, founder of Charmer Charts, has over 35 years experience in the trading business. She shares her industry insights and top tips for becoming a profitable trader with Sarah Cox, markets writer.

Presentation by Carol Harmer in 2014

Technical trading Webinar for November going into Christmas with Carol Harmer

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TREND TRADING - The Trend is Your Friend

Carol Harmer will discuss how to differentiate between trading within a sideways and trending market as well as the negatives and positives out of these two very different markets. She will explain how she believes that both can make you money. Her opinion is that you will make more out of a trending market if you stay within the technical guideline of such a markets and try not to pick tops and bottoms except for profit taking. Attend her webinar to learn what are these guidelines.

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Using Fibonacci Retracement and Stochastics for entry and exit levels

Summary: Using Fibonacchi retracements combined with stochastics should make timing for entry and exit points much easier. Obviously you have to combine these indicators with chart support and resistance, but these two indicators can help timing a lot easier if used wisely.

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