The Time Has Come

You know when you know the time has come....After all the many mad years of trading on in Bank dealing rooms....and finally trading for myself I think over 33 years I have earned the right to tell all....warts and all....I know at this point people will be running for the hill thinking OMG what on earth will she say.....Well...little secret.....ALL...I will tell ALL....about how I started..what it was like starting as a women in a mans world back in 1982.....especially a newly divorced Mum of 2 young boys....and how could we be taken seriously in a world that was just fun...The stakes were high...we worked hard and played hard....but what was it really like to be involved in such a massive money ex LIFFEer' need to run screaming for the laywers...You all know there is nothing bad to say about a career that gave us back so much....but I do think before I get too old and doddery and while I can still wear high heeled boots and dance to the sound of Duran Duran the story needs to be told.....hang on to your