In 1982 a new venture was about to begin.  A new venture that would change the face of the City of London forever, and leave thousands of us with a million memories that are treasured still to this day. This new venture was LIFFE.....The London International Financial Futures market....I started working for LIFFE before it opened...There was only a few of us, and the Royal Exchange was being changed into a vibrant variety of trading pits. Each day something new happened at the Royal Exchange...and us few girls who were there had to learn how to enter the prices which went from our VDU screens onto a main Ferranti board which was linked to various quote vending companies like Reuters and Telerate to name but a few...We all did not really know what we was doing, but we had 9 months to learn, and for traders to be trained...How could we open this fantastic new venture if we had no traders??  So the day arrives when we can actually get into the Royal Exchange and do our practice sessions there....There is no way I can explain LIFFE...I feel every trader in the world has heard about it.. However I am going to give you a inside view on what it was like....How I learnt to trade and am still doing so 35 years later.