#Charmer Trading Academy

Charmer Trading has now launched a Trading Academy on the Costa Del So, l Spain...This Academy will be residential offering 5 Night 4 Day accommodation in my beautiful Villa Nestled in between mountains, overlooking the sea... My aim is this....After seeing countless retail traders fall by the wayside, I got to thinking that there has to be a way to get them to think/act like a professional Trader..why not...It is only your mindset that hinders...I have been in this business now 34 years...Iv worked on LIFFE  from day one...trading US Treasury Bonds in the LIFFE pit....I have worked on the CBOT for a short time...and then my background Trading in bank dealing rooms is diverse...Let me teach you then how  bank and institutional trader thinks ( the Market) ...We have to view these markets on a global basis...I am a Technical Trader....I am a confident that with my vast experience of Trading Bonds, Gold, S&P, DJI, FTSE and Forex Markets I can teach you how to think and act like a professional trader, to avoid the numerous pitfalls we see in trading, that seriously can be avoided....I will teach you how not just to look at a chart, but to feel the chart, and let is show you the right way to trade...All aspects of Technical Trading are contained within my course...as well as ones only known to me, that I have acquired during my 34 years in this wonderful business...We  also offer 3 day weekend intensive courses for those who have work commitments....We have limited availability in October, November and December....see website for more details please go to www.charmertradingacademy.com many thanks  Carol