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As most of you know…I have been around for many years….I started on LIFFE in 1982….I then went back to Midland Dealing Room to help set up a Technical Trading desk…This was actually the first of its kind in the City of London…I moved then to Nomura Bank which in fact did not have its banking licence until 2 weeks before we went live…I was the first female Manager Nomura had employed…I was Manager of Technical Trading…I was then head hunted by Credit Suisse as Head of Technical Trading in 1991….where I stayed until I wanted to return to my first love….LIFFE as a local….This I did in 1996….Charmer Charts was born and the rest is history….Now after 38 years….I am feeling the signs of not being able to do the 18 hr days anymore…and like a footballer or Tennis Pro….we go into teaching and coaching….and this is what I will be doing for the next 2 years until I retire….With the retail market bursting for over the last decade I have noticed many “ mentors” “ trading experts” spring forth like spring water from a deep well….As I am nearing the end of my journey, and age has made me much less likely to give toss about who I upset….I will be doing a tell all blog…book…whatever….There are companies around who I personally know are slick marketers and have had one of the worse trading records ever..It is not even economical with the truth….its blatant lies….and I am so sick and tired of these poor retail guys getting conned by these people…So….this is my aim….for the next 2 years…I will be concentrating on teaching and coaching…. With me ..what you see is what you get….I do not have a 8 bed mansion in a wealthy part of Spain…I do not have Ferrari and Porches and trophy wives…or husbands come to that….whatever else…because Iv always been too busy trading and working to actually want these…Please do not get me wrong…I have very much enjoyed the fruits of my labor…but now is the time for change…with me …every single solitary aspect of my career can be checked..I am transparent….I do not have “ Investment “ banker in my thought process….I am looking forward to my new venture…and also to spend some quality time travelling before it is too late…I love the one to one interaction of the wonderful people who have traveled to see me….My on line webinars will be interactive and they will be when the market is open and not of a weekend….when it is shut….no point…I think now the time is right for me to set the record straight …..and to use my 38 years of trading experience in Major Financial banks..The LIFFE market the CBOT….and teaching proffessionally 1000s of bank traders….You can only teach a bank trader about charts if you HAVE WORKED IN A BANK !!!! that was part of my job….This probably isn’t going to go down well with some more dubious folk out there…but as I said…I am too old now to care…I will keep you posted on when and where these webinars and courses will be run…


Now...I have as I said been in this market 34 years...and I NEVER come on and say things like this after having my Twitter a/c for more than 9 years....But since I have become involved to an extent with the retail market....ONE platform has been bought to my attention OVER AND OVER AGAIN...IG....IG AND IG...So I starting to trial it...and was totally amazed at 1 the difference of filling of stops.....and 2 the aftercare and the answer from the so called " HELP DESK ".....This s not just in happens in OPTIONS as well.....Option that a taken over a 2 week period that the Oil market will go from 38$ to a 45$ strike price call option...The market rallied 800 points IG options lost money...All within this 2 week period....Now we have kept a record of IG vs other platforms...and I am quite prepared to publish it on here....As I say ..I am not affiliated with any SB there is nothing to gain personally by saying this....What I will say is this...The retail trader has a hard enough job trading these markets....They need a platform they can trust...and platform that looks after client money....a platform that will not rape you on prices....On every level this is NOT IG.....If someone has a different story...please share....I will say to you wary if using this platform...Get another platform and transfer funds into it so that YOU CAN see what we have seen over this past year.....and if you really honestly want to make trading your primary focus....get another platform altogether...close yur a/c with them and at least give yourself a fighting chance...Now over the past 6 months after trailing platforms CMC by far came out the best.....Ring them...they will confirm I do not have an a/c with them...they do not pay me ANY REFERRALS or % of what you trade....I HAVE NOT and WILL NOT use this practice...I am neutral....but I cannot be neutral with a platform that so does not have the client interest at heart.....rant over !!

IG A BAD PLATFORM PART 2 do they explain this dire turn of events....The phone call went like this....IG actually aggregated the accounts and filled at a price WHICH WAS NOT TRADING....and told my colleague who is sitting next to me with the phone on loud speaker...that he should be GRATEFUL that he did not get filled at a higher price....Now this is totally best it is unbelievably bad worst they should be closed down...Now the word slander may well be used against me...It is ONLY slander if it is LIES...This is NOT lies....This is the conversation we had with the CUSTOMER HELP does that happen....why should you be grateful being stopped out EIGHT times the loss of CMC.....Now the clients I feel sorry for are the ones who have NO OTHER system other than IG....they cannot check....they have no option but to believe the unbelievable...I did tell the man on the desk that I was going to publish this....He was under no illusion how disgusted I was with this turn of events....

IG As a BAD Platform

I do not use a Spread betting let us get this out of the way to start with...So I have NO affiliation with with these platforms at all...So I speak from the heart and what 34 years trading has taught me....On NUMEROUS occasions it has been bought to my attention just how bad IG is....So I decided to trial this platform, along with others, so I could compare...This was after the SNB ( Swiss National Bank ) debacle of 2015.....Traders I knew were wiped out by IG...and pursued for outstanding amounts running into 100's of 1000's individually....One very close friend of mine was Short USD/CHF...Long EURO/CHF....and told when he was wiped out that the USD/CHF was voided after extreme market conditions....Well...why wasnt the EUR/CHF voided as well...That if anything was under " extreme " market conditions....They had no answer...and have persued him for over a year to the point he has given up trading....So lets take last night when "GBP/USD " was in freefall....So you have 2 platforms....I will name them....CMC and IG.....both had EXACTLY the same order and EXACTLY the same stop.....CMC filled the stop on the Euro/Stg AT THE STOP PRICE.thus limiting the exposure...IG however filled the stop 20 MINS LATER at a loss of EIGHT times the difference....Now how on earth can that be.....The market was up at stupid levels less than 5 MINUTES...So how does a platform ACTUALLY fill an stop order 20 MINS later at a price which was not even trading !!!!!!!!!!!!...So to give IG the benefit of the doubt we rang them.....NOw bear in mind...the order was run on CMC and IG......

#Charmer Trading Academy

Charmer Trading has now launched a Trading Academy on the Costa Del So, l Spain...This Academy will be residential offering 5 Night 4 Day accommodation in my beautiful Villa Nestled in between mountains, overlooking the sea... My aim is this....After seeing countless retail traders fall by the wayside, I got to thinking that there has to be a way to get them to think/act like a professional Trader..why not...It is only your mindset that hinders...I have been in this business now 34 years...Iv worked on LIFFE  from day US Treasury Bonds in the LIFFE pit....I have worked on the CBOT for a short time...and then my background Trading in bank dealing rooms is diverse...Let me teach you then how  bank and institutional trader thinks ( the Market) ...We have to view these markets on a global basis...I am a Technical Trader....I am a confident that with my vast experience of Trading Bonds, Gold, S&P, DJI, FTSE and Forex Markets I can teach you how to think and act like a professional trader, to avoid the numerous pitfalls we see in trading, that seriously can be avoided....I will teach you how not just to look at a chart, but to feel the chart, and let is show you the right way to trade...All aspects of Technical Trading are contained within my well as ones only known to me, that I have acquired during my 34 years in this wonderful business...We  also offer 3 day weekend intensive courses for those who have work commitments....We have limited availability in October, November and December....see website for more details please go to many thanks  Carol


I am going to be organizing and running a 3 day Trading Training course to be held down in Southern Spain on the 24th/25th/26th February...The closest airports are Malaga or Gibralter...I have run trading courses before....I have been a guest speaker at the London Olympia Forex day on 3 occasions...I have also taught at the Madrid Forex day....This course is really to teach the retail market how to become as good as the professional trader...I have been in the business now 36 years....So I think that I more than most have the ability to impart a great deal of my knowledge to anyone who would like to come along.....I aim to run these Trading courses throughout the year on a monthly basis....I will also devise another advanced Trading Course to run on a monthly basis as well....Please either contact me via the website or Thanks

The Time Has Come

You know when you know the time has come....After all the many mad years of trading on in Bank dealing rooms....and finally trading for myself I think over 33 years I have earned the right to tell all....warts and all....I know at this point people will be running for the hill thinking OMG what on earth will she say.....Well...little secret.....ALL...I will tell ALL....about how I started..what it was like starting as a women in a mans world back in 1982.....especially a newly divorced Mum of 2 young boys....and how could we be taken seriously in a world that was just fun...The stakes were high...we worked hard and played hard....but what was it really like to be involved in such a massive money ex LIFFEer' need to run screaming for the laywers...You all know there is nothing bad to say about a career that gave us back so much....but I do think before I get too old and doddery and while I can still wear high heeled boots and dance to the sound of Duran Duran the story needs to be told.....hang on to your


As from the 1st September I will be joining a company called Which Way Today...It is a fantastic team, and we are open from 7am to 7pm every day....We give real time trades, which the room can follow...We are on hand all through the day except for 12.00 to give expert advice all virtually all markets from FX to Stock markets Bond Markets Gold...Silver and commodities like wheat etc....

Please go to WWW.Which Way to look at our website..  We also project charts into the room throughout  the day and talk you through the minefields of these financial Markets...We also answer your questions of which  I am sure there are many,  after taking a free trial with us you will realise that we offer and provide a great service on a daily basis....

We also trade a fund of which you will be able to see us do have nothing to lose by signing up for a free trial....We close in August....Re-open Tuesday Sept 1st....we are here till July please...come join us for this free trial and see what a great service we offer


How could we ever have realised just how big LIFFE was going to get...I don't suppose any of us knew...but we were flung into a round of pre-open parties....Seriously I could g to three in a day...Every company who had bought  seats on LIFFE threw massive cocktail parties....As a young women born in London, spending my childhood n the streets this was a totally new world for me...Unlike most of the other people working for LIFFE I was a single mother of 2 very young children whose father had dissolved like Alka Seltzer.  To say he was useless is an understatement and when I left him he advised me that I would end up working in Tesco's....and yet here I these amazing cocktail parties with these incredible people...I think it did go to my head...I wanted so badly to be part of this.....yet I wasn't even sure what this was....Anyway the day dawned that we had all been waiting and preparing for nearly a year....September 30th 1982..I will never forget it...We had trained and trained for this and now it was about to happen....The new LIFFE market was about to open....and the city would never be the same again...Many books have been written about LIFFE, but I don't think any have been written about how it affected women in the city at that time...I hope that if you bear with me you will find out just how we coped in a seriously man's world, and I I  KNOW that we helped change how women were accepted more and more as time went on.. Anyway I am seriously getting off the subject....The bell rang by the Governor of the BOE and all hell broke lose....Nothing could have prepared us for the mania that was going on in the pits...How we kept up with the price reporting and matching trades still leaves me wondering.....but we did....and it was the most wonderful time of my life....I belonged to this massive throng of people in brightly coloured jackets, screaming  and shouting their orders out...The booth staff screaming and hand signalling the orders into the pits...It was exhilarating and really hard work...but we got through the first day and as the final bell tolled for end of trading we all heaved a sigh of relief that we had actually managed to get through the day without something dire happening to us....However...the matching department were snowed under and it was everyone to the pumps to help...we had to match the trades so ICCH could clear them...and traders had to stay behind until this was young errant lad, who I must say was the only guy in the team, sat down, put his feet up on the terminal....and've got it...crashed the system....I mean...really !!!   we had got through the day....and final minutes and he crashes the system.....Luckily we had an amazing back up team who got us up and running within the hour....but this young man was seriously not flavour of the month....We had all the trades matched and cleared another hour later...and then it was back out to the Greenhouse where the champagne flowed for the rest of the night...Don't forget that we were a lot younger then and lived on adrenaline, which of course is what we needed....So LIFFE was born......the city was never the same again...The bowler hat and bowler brigade were soon to be a thing of the past....we were here.....and here to stay.....


In 1982 a new venture was about to begin.  A new venture that would change the face of the City of London forever, and leave thousands of us with a million memories that are treasured still to this day. This new venture was LIFFE.....The London International Financial Futures market....I started working for LIFFE before it opened...There was only a few of us, and the Royal Exchange was being changed into a vibrant variety of trading pits. Each day something new happened at the Royal Exchange...and us few girls who were there had to learn how to enter the prices which went from our VDU screens onto a main Ferranti board which was linked to various quote vending companies like Reuters and Telerate to name but a few...We all did not really know what we was doing, but we had 9 months to learn, and for traders to be trained...How could we open this fantastic new venture if we had no traders??  So the day arrives when we can actually get into the Royal Exchange and do our practice sessions there....There is no way I can explain LIFFE...I feel every trader in the world has heard about it.. However I am going to give you a inside view on what it was like....How I learnt to trade and am still doing so 35 years later.